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Portable TypeFaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2 Free Download

Independent Download of Moveable Typefaster Typewriting Teacher 0.4.2

Access Typefaster Typing Tutor’s’s independent, modular version for Windows 32 – and 64-bit computers. By offering a typing professor, Portable Typefaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2 creates an excellent studying conditions that will help you become familiar with the keypad console.

Discuss of the Portable Typefaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2

Every office job requires typing speed, and everyone needs it because keyboard use is so common in today’s’s world. As its name suggests, Typefaster is specifically designed to increase typing swiftness. You can go this portable software directly from the downloadable files without the need for conventional installation. The application’s’s functionality point is increased by the tidy individual ui, which enables customers to use it without any specialized knowledge. To boost typing frequency, this product necessitates the use of the common reading technique, which entails using a finger and eight typing fingers.

When you press the console, a keyboard is displayed on the screen and the key is highlighted. To help you get used to the keyboard, a language with arbitrary characters is already displayed on the screen. Owners may use a variety of procedures to gauge their success and determine how accurate their reading is. Additionally, it determines how many thoughts you type each tiny as well as the quantity of clicks. Additionally, the atmosphere is entirely customisable, allowing you to alter multiple many settings as well as the keyboard design as needed. Overall, it is a strong beginner coding mentor.

Portable Typefaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2 has these features.

The most important characteristics of Typefaster Typing Tutor Portable 0.4.2 are:

  • a setting that encourages quick typewriting
  • foldable application that is stream-lined
  • After elimination, no crumbs or registration traces
  • runs a number of tests to quicken typing.
  • Verify how accurate the typing is.
  • examines the number of terms and keys per tiny.
  • includes a taking sport to spice things up.
  • Customisable culture with customizable console layouts

Technical Information for Portable Typefaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2

Before streaming Typefaster Portable 0.4.2, read the tech specifications.

  • All Panels discharges are interoperable
  • 2.5 Mb in file size
  • 128 Mb of ram is needed.
  • Simple base chipset is necessary.
  • Website dev

Free download of the Foldable Typefaster Typewriting Teacher 0.4.2

The Portable Typefaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2 for Windows standalone foldable release can be downloaded by clicking the button above. It works with both x64-compatible architectures. The best program for accelerating typewriting is this one.

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